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“Coeur de Boeuf (Oxheart): Well known for its excellent taste when used with soft cheeses!”
The Coeur de Boeuf is an ancestral tomato with an irregular shape and a very unique taste.
The tomato ripens from inside out. Can be eaten when almost completely green. The ribbed shape form and color makes it attractive and decorative.
The firm flesh meat contents makes an excellent combination with fresh salads and soft cheeses.
Also very useful with a filling.

Product specification

Product By its ribbed fluted shape appearance and its distinctive flavor this tomato reminds you of traditional tomato varieties
Weight Range 175 - 250 gram
Size Range 70 - 92 mm
Appearance The tomato has a strong corrugated effect when sliced. This makes it very attractive when served in salads
Texture Full of fruit meat which is firm, and has a moderate juice content
Flavour Highly aromatic taste with moderate acidity content
Characteristics Optimal flavour combination when served with soft cheeses
Shelf Life Excellent
Storage Needs no refrigeration, can be stored at a temperature 12 – 15 °C
Available March up to November
Outlets Vegetable shops with an extensive range of garden produce and delicatessen outlets specializing in fruit and vegetables
Container box Boxed in 3 kg packs
Purchase price Daily / Weekly or Seasonal Prices (subject to discussion)
Sales contact ZON Fruit & Vegetables, Ingrid Geurts, +31(0)77 323 9649